Important customer information

Right of Revocation and Revocation Consequences.


You can revoke your declaration of intent to conclude the contract without stating reasons within 2 weeks in writing e.g. letter, fax, e-mail or by returning the goods. The period commences at the earliest on receipt of this instruction. Sending the revocation or the goods within the time limit shall be sufficient to amount to compliance to the revocation period.


The revocation has to be addressed to:

Michael Wildbihler
Forststr. 24
83026 Rosenheim
Fax 004908031/2210996

In the event of a valid revocation of this agreement each party shall return to the respective other party the benefits received. If the Buyer cannot refund the received achievement totally or partly or only in worsened condition, he is obliged to pay a value replacement. This does not apply, if the degradation of the goods is based exclusively on their examination as it would have been possible for the Buyer for instance in a shop. In all other respects the Buyer can avoid the obligation for value replacement, if he does not use the goods as own property and if he omits everything, which impairs their value. The Buyer has to bear the cost of the return, if the supplied commodity corresponds to the ordered and if the price of the goods which can be sent back does not exceed an amount of 40 euro, or in case of a higher purchase price if the Buyer did pay the complete price or a partial payment in the event of a contractual agreement upon partial payment at the time of the revocation yet. Otherwise the return for the Buyer is free; Roundabout-np will refund the costs to the Buyer in accordance with the standard tariffs of the deliverer. Goods which can not be shipped as a postal package will be picked up by roundabout-np.