Roundabout-NP Standard II Panoramic Tripod Head

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Roundabout-NP-Standard II Panoramic Tripod Head:

Panoramic Tripod Head with connecting plate for "external" rotators, vertical pivoting arm with 7,5° clickstops, bubble level and a selectable quick change Adapter(Manfrotto MA323 or the Arca-Swiss compatible Sirui MP-20/Sirui TY-60) incl. 1/4" camera quick release plate.


(Image shows Roundabout-NP-Standard II(Size L, Manfrotto 323) with Manfrotto 300N rotator, Canon 1D MK IV and the Canon EF 24-105mm Lens)

! At the Standard-Version the rotator does not belong to the delivery scope !


The Roundabout-NP Standard II adapter is perfectly suitable to create 360° cylindrical panoramas as well as 360° x 180° spherical panoramas.

By means of the Roundabout-NP adapter the nodal point of the camera can be fixed exactly and adjusted. Then the camera can be turned vertical and horizontal around the nodal point, so that in case of the creation of panoramas no parallax error are created which afterwards are only hardly balanceable.

The Roundabout-NP-Standard adapter is completely made of aluminum, by this very light and highly-stable.

Both movable axes are guided and dispose of lasered millimeter scales, so that a high repeating accuracy in case of adjustment of axes is given.

Furthermore the carriage of the camera has two thumbscrews for a fast adjustment of the carriage and a selectable quick change adapter(Manfrotto MA323, Sirui MP-20/Sirui TY-60) and a 1/4“ quick release plate for your camera.

The vertical swivel arm disposes of a degree scale and 7,5°clickstops which is saved by a big clamping. All screw connections are strengthened by a steel thread inserts resp. slot nuts. Also included in the adapter is a small noble bubble level.


Connecting Plate for "external" rotators:

He has no rotator. He disposes of a ground-facing base plate with 3/8“ and 1/4“ connecting thread and thus can be used flexibly on an "external" rotator like the Manfrotto 300 N or the Novoflex-panorama plate,tripod ball head with panorama function ...Also included is the shown Tripod Bush Adapter.

Panoramic_Tripod_Head_connecting_plate_Standard.jpg Panoramic_Tripod_Head_connecting_plate_Tripod_Bush_Adapter.jpg


Selectable Quick change Adapter:

Quick_Change_Adapter_Manfrotto_MA323.jpg   Sirui-MP-20.jpg
Manfrotto MA323   Roundabout-AS

Choose from two different Quick change Adapter:

Every quick change Adapter is fixed mounted on the carriage of the Roundabout-NP Standard II adapter , he has two thumbscrews for a fast adjustment of the carriage.

Manfrotto MA323:

Solid quick change adapter with a safely lever and a 1/4“ quick release plate for your camera.

Sirui MP-20:
New solid quick change adapter for big DSLR- cameras, compatible with Arca-Swiss System, included quick release camera plate.



It is compatible with all popular DSLR and compact cameras with a middle 1/4“tripod mount up to a weight of max. 2,50 kg.


Roundabout-NP-Standard II product pictures:

(Size L with Manfrotto 300N rotator, Canon 1D MK IV, Canon EF 24-105mm, Manfrotto 323)












Roundabout-NP-Standard II product pictures:

(Size N with Manfrotto 300N rotator, Canon 5D MK II, Canon EF 24-105mm, Manfrotto 323)






  • Connecting plate for "external" rotators
  • Horizontal arm movable with millimeter scales
  • Vertical pivoting arm with millimeter-, degree scale and 7,5° clickstops
  • Selectable quick change Adapter(Manfrotto MA323, Sirui MP-20/Sirui TY-60) incl.1/4“quick release plate.
  • Bubble level for horizontal and vertical adjustment of the panoramic tripod head
  • 3/8" - 1/4" Tripod Bush Adapter
  • Selectable sizes

Sizes N, L:

The Roundabout-NP-Standard II Adapter is offered in two different sizes (N, L) and can be selected entirely according to personal needs.

The maximum adjustable way of the size L is Distance A 160mm and Distance B 99mm(look for example below) thus for the most DSLR(with or without battery grip) und compact cameras big enough and was deliberately not made unnecessarily larger.


Weight and dimensions of the Adapter

Size N:

  • adjustable way vertical arm: 30-160 mm (see also picture below Distance A)
  • adjustable way horizontal arm: 0-55 mm (see also picture below Distance B)
  • Weight about. 1100g

Size L:

  • adjustable way vertical arm: 30-160 mm (see also picture below Distance A)
  • adjustable way horizontal arm: 0-99 mm (see also picture below Distance B)
  • Weight about. 1200g


The right size for your camera please see the example below:


Example picture Canon EOS 400d with Sigma Ex DG 8mm Fisheye


Distance A about. 87 mm

Distance B about. 36 mm


Size L only is needed for very big cameras like for instance Canon EOS 1D MARK IV, Nikon D3 or a camera with extra battery access.

Size N for example Canon EOS 5D MK II, Canon EOS 7D, Nikon D700, Nikon D30.
  • Größe N: Distance A 30-150 mm, Distance B 0-55 mm
  • Größe L: Distance A 30-150 mm, Distance B 0-99 mm

If you are not sure about the size, please let us know your camera / lens combination and we will then help you.


  • The camera with objective is not allowed to weight more than max. 2,50 kg
  • The tripod mount of the camera is in the middle of the objective
  • The distance of the tripod mount up to the optical centre of the objective is not more than 160 mm ( see picture above Distance A)
  • The distance from the bottom of the camera up to the centre of the objective is not more than 99 mm (see picture above Distance B)

Delivery scope:

  • Roundabout-NP Standard II Adapter in Size N or L(selectable) incl. bubble level and vertical pivoting arm with 7,5° clickstops
  • Connecting plate for "external" rotators
  • one selectable quick change adapter (Manfrotto MA323, Sirui MP-20/Sirui TY-60)
  • 3/8" -1/4" Tripod Bush Adapter
  • User manual in English

!!! The pictured cameras, lenses, rotators and tripods do not belong to the delivery scope and only serve as illustration !!!


Additional product information

Size Normal
Quick change Adapter Manfrotto MA323

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